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About our company

R.K. Seating Systems has been synonymous with outstanding quality and durability, and is recognised as a market-leading supplier of exceptional, groundbreaking customized seating systems for auditorium and cinema theatres. The company is defined and driven by exceptional design, responsible business practices and a desire to go the extra mile. The high volume of repeat business received by the company demonstrates the confidence that clients have in our products and service. Due to our high quality range, we have been able to achieve complete customer satisfaction. Used in the both domestic and corporate sectors, our company has attained support, assurance and trust of our reputed clients.


At R.K. Seating Systems, we believe quality is one of the principal strategic objectives that will help us to achieve our VISION, MISSION AND GOALS. Our company is committed to respond creatively and competitively to the changing needs and aspirations of our customers through relentless pursuit of technological excellence, innovation, and quality management across all our businesses, and offer superior quality products and services that are appropriate to the various price points in the market.


R.K. Seating Systems is committed to extend its quality standards to its key suppliers, service providers by entering into alliances with them to jointly improve the quality of its products and services. This policy is applicable to production from its own facilities as well as to all products and materials that are outsourced. R.K. Seating Systems will periodically review this quality policy for its effectiveness and consistency with the company's business objectives.

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